Hair is more than hair. Thanks for talking me out of dying mine blue.

Hair is more than hair. Thanks for talking me out of dying mine blue.

Red hair, blue hair, green hair. It’s all par for the course these days. I’ll admit it, it’s intriguing. And some women pull it off well. Do you ever wonder, what if *I* colored my hair some crazy color? Could *I* pull it off? How would it make ME feel?

Recently, my husband and I watched some Saturday basketball at a local bar. A hip, whispy lady waited on us that afternoon. She was a kind of cool that made you notice. And what I noticed most was her hair. It was blue, but not just any blue—a periwinkle blue. Some of her natural brown showed through underneath. I admired her look. “Why can’t *I* do that?” I thought. (Not my whole head, but maybe just a piece of my hair or perhaps the tips). The idea of it was kind of exciting since I’m typically a play-by-the-rules kinda gal. “Do it!” My husband said. (This could have been the beer talking).

So, I thought about it, and I thought about calling my hair stylist to make the appointment. Thinking about it was FUN. But it wasn’t anything I was going to rush into doing. After all, I’m not a rush-into-it kind of girl.

My hair is blonde (with some help from peroxide), but it’s been blonde ever since I was a little girl. It’s part of my identity. Ryan is blonde.

But, what if Ryan were blue?

I fantasized about this idea. But I didn’t run it through all the traps (because, you know, it was just an idea after all). How would it play out at work? Would my mom disown me?! What would my daughter think?

Yes, what would my daughter think was important. Probably the most important. 

So I asked her. “What would you think if I dyed some of my hair blue?” Her response, “But why? Your hair is so beautiful!” Whether I felt it or not, my 7-year-old daughter did. I could see the wheels in her brain churning behind her eyes. “Why would you want to change? I love you the way you are.”

This really struck me. I loved how firm and clear minded she was about it. I have always doted on my daughter’s hair. It’s a unique, auburn color and she’s really proud of it, which makes me happy. The thought of her tampering with it some day makes me cringe, and obviously, she felt the same way about me doing something to my hair.


As ladies, we tend to look at other  women and think, “I want THAT.” But do we look at ourselves from an outsider’s position? If we did, I bet we would dig ourselves more than we do. Odd, isn’t it.

So listen my dear, I don’t need to dye my hair an unnatural color to feel or look cool. You like me (and my hair) just as I am, and that’s pretty darn cool to me.